Island Girls, an adventure webcomic – Page 42: Departure

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Leilani finally realizes being hundreds of feet underwater with no air is probably not the best place to be right now. The mystery of what she found and what it could mean will have to wait.

We’re really proud of the way Ralph set up the storyboard for this page. The facial expressions, the way her feet plant on the bottom to get a hard push upwards, the way she keeps her head back to hold air longer, and have it not be such a weight on her chest. These are all tell-tale signs of a very experienced and powerful diver – at a time when scuba-tanks and accessories were still being designed and tested. She’s used to diving for pearls using just the breath she can hold in her lungs, and of course seemingly-endless blue seas do not deter her. She’s foolhardy, headstrong, and a bit too much of a daredevil, as has been indicated.

May the sea goddess protect her because it’s a long, long way to go… ♥

Written by P.M.Amaras & Paul Driggere
Artist: Ralph del Mundo, of “Rock and Rock Diesel Zombies” and “Fargo

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