Over 200 fans in less than a month! Well, we’re not really sure if they’re fans or not. We’d love to think they are and follow us for more than our quick wits and adore the tantalizing artwork and story. Social media is our strong point so you can bet we strive to put it to work as often as we can. People need to see you on Twitter, whether you Tweet once or up to 10 times a day. And it’s got to be a memorable Tweet, something good enough to get a laugh, or a response, or answer a question, or maybe just provide some useless trivia.

We at “Island Girls” thank our fellow Twitterpated people. A lot of these people immediately follow-back, so you’ll want to add everyone here:

(if you don’t see your name, OMG we’re so sorry, and please accept our apology. Feel free to yell at us on Twitter too!)