Island Girls, an adventure webcomic – Page 30: Resolve

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Do you ever notice this in most stories? Whenever someone says “Someone needs to keep you out of trouble” usually it’s the person who has to keep someone out of trouble. And then, they’re always saying it to the person who eventually gets into trouble. Odd, that.

And Leilani’s right.

We’d rather be swimming too. After about 4 months out of the pool, we’re eager to get back to the gym now that we’re vaccinated. It was another long, dull summer. Hopefully, this autumn is going to be the best ever though. ♥

Stay safe and healthy out there, okay? Together, we’ll make it! ♥♥♥


Written by P.M.Amaras & Paul Driggere
Artist: Ralph del Mundo, of “Rock and Rock Diesel Zombies

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