Island Girls, an adventure webcomic – Page 2: Waiting…

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We’re letting Ralph, our talented artiste, storyboard, which he loves to do for movies. We want to do something a little different with this webcomic and it involves perspectives much like you would see if you were watching a movie. The pacing might not be what you expect, but just bear with us. This is our first webcomic designed from the ground up, with no stories or art we can refer to. We didn’t want the same “The Depths” adventure, after all, did we?

That’s why we really want to dazzle with both the brilliance of the art and the structure of the story. Fantastic adventure will be forthcoming.

Just let us get a little set-up going here…

We promise you, it’ll be worth it. ♥

Written by P.M.Amaras & Paul Driggere
Artist: Ralph del Mundo, of “Rock and Rock Diesel Zombies” and “Fargo

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