Island Girls, an adventure webcomic – Page 41: Glowing

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So yeah, we’re back!

And we want to apologize for the delays we’ve had. It was a really rough year for everyone involved, including new homes, new jobs, etc. But we’re trying to bounce back here because a) we love this webcomic so much, and b) we’re going to revamp the whole site soon and create a “webtoon” format of the webcomic, which will make it more reader-friendly and more responsive on tablets, phones, etc.

You know, the way webcomics should be working in this day and age. So, yes, we’re coming out of the 2010s to join the 2020s.

Please be patient while we update and make this comic that much more awesome!

It looks like Leilani has found something rather important to someone. And yes, we’re aware most people will guess they are dog-tags, but whose dog-tags, and why is it the start of a grand mystery that will pit all the island people against danger like never before?

Written by P.M.Amaras & Paul Driggere
Artist: Ralph del Mundo, of “Rock and Rock Diesel Zombies” and “Fargo

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